New Hope Community Church
Wednesday, June 16, 2021
Bringing hope to a world in need.

Sunday at 10:30 a.m.
 510 Woodland Knolls Rd
 Germantown Hills, IL 61548
Experience the Difference

A Church? Before you say, "Been there, done that," hear us out. We may not be what you expect.

At New Hope Community Church, you won't find gloom or doom! You will find a church for singles and families. You'll hear an entertaining and uplifting mix of contemporary music. You'll learn what the Bible has to say about relevant topics and life's concerns. You'll see video, drama and multi-media that will stick with you on through the week. You'll feel comfortable in our relaxed "come as you are" atmosphere.

You'll taste some piping hot, delicious coffee. Your kids will enjoy a fun Bible-based program that runs during the service. You will also find real people. People who aren't perfect, but who are going through many of the same things you are. People who are coming together for encouragement, friendship, support and spiritual guidance. Why don't you check us out! You'll love the difference at New Hope. We'll be looking for you.

Our desire is to minister to you and your loved ones and to help strengthen your faith in the Lord Jesus Christ.

We trust you will find our Web site informative and inspirational. Please contact us with questions or comments and join us in person as we worship God together.




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