New Hope Community Church
Wednesday, June 16, 2021
Bringing hope to a world in need.

Join The Team

New Hope is looking for interested people to join with our core group to help make New Hope community Church a success. 

Help is needed!  Everyone is encouraged to participate in a ministry at New Hope.  We believe that God has SHAPE(d) all of us with different Spiritual gifts, Hearts (passions), Abilities, Personalities, and Experiences.  He then uses our unique differences for a variety of opportunities in the church.

We need people who have one or more of a variety of gifts and passions.  We may have a place of ministry for you if you are a:

  • vocalist
  • guitar player, keyboard player
  • sound board operator
  • small group leaders
  • children's worker
  • artist
  • talented in dramatic presentation
  • administrator
  • or talented in one of many more needed ministries

If you are interested in joining the Ministry Team, please call (309) 367-4621 or contact us through e-mail.

We follow a purpose-driven model of ministry and all participants joining the Ministry Team will be asked to agree with our mission and vision statements.  All children's workers will be screened and subject to background checks in order to protect the innocence of our children.